Our Vision

Our Vision is to reach souls for Christ and teach them how to develop, feed and maintain their relationship with Jesus.
Our vision is of restoration, of grace, of compassion, of consolation and of mercy. We have been called to prepare the way and to open breaches stimulating the family unit to recover their unity. We acknowledge that as we walk through life The Word of God, in conjunction with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, equips us and prepares us to face everything that we live.
Our Mission
Using all means and ministries available, CHRIST CENTER will serve the body of Christ and humanity in general, therefore man can recover from the devastating effects of sin and the oppression of the enemy of our souls. In fulfillment of this intention, CHRIST CENTER will disciple, enable and commission ministries that will take care of the necessities of work of God on local, national and international levels using such strategies as:
1. Evangelism
2. Discipleship
3. Praise & Worship
4. Ministry
5. Training
6. Missions
7. Community Projects
CHRIST CENTER is a place where we minister to God, and God ministers to individuals and families in whole form, that is spirit, soul and body, so Christ becomes the center of our lives.
CHRIST CENTER will minister individually or in mass through evangelism, teaching and ministry of the word, and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
CHRIST CENTER is a dynamic and influential church in the spiritual, social and economic areas of the community. It is a church that is impacting and transforming each segment of society with the purpose to extend the Kingdom of God in the Earth.