Using all means and ministries available, CHRIST CENTER will serve the body of Christ and humanity in general, therefore man can recover from the devastating effects of sin and the oppression of the enemy of our souls. In fulfillment of this intention, CHRIST CENTER will disciple, enable and commission ministries that will take care of the necessities of work of God on local, national and international levels.
It is for that reason that we have opened the Missions Department of Christ Center Church.
This department works thanks to the donations of people of the community, church and around the world that desire to support the missions that God already set in the hearts of our pastors.
Christ Center Church and Partners have reached out into different countries like Costa Rica, Bolivia, Africa, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In many areas such as Orphanages, Missionary support, Natural disaster relief and church support.
Thank You for your help in expanding the Kingdom of God with his precious love all the way from here… to the rest of Earth as the Holy Spirit leads.
Please visit the Online Giving page under About Us. There You will find more information for sending your gift by mail or you can donate immediately online.
Once again, Thanks for helping CHRIST CENTER to take the Gospel around the world!